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A new role playing game that marries player agency, narrative and dice rolling to give fantastic adventures.

The Adventure Cycle is Released!

A framework to run a network of open table fantasy games. Each game master has one or more villages and each player has one or more characters that go on adventures across different game master’s tables. Characters have their abilities, reputations, social rank and possessions that follow them from one game master’s village to another. … Continue reading “The Adventure Cycle is Released!”

Ploughing Past The Obstacles

As I hit the home stretch on The Adventure Cycle I am also preparing to release a new play aid. A pdf with quick reference for building characters and a screen for helping remember the core rules and combat toolkit during play. As often happens fate throws obstacles in the path. Power outages at inconvenient … Continue reading “Ploughing Past The Obstacles”

Open Table Chassis Update

This new rule set is now entitled The Adventure Cycle. I’ve been a bit ruthless pulling out various mechanisms, to make available later as plugins. Here is the state of play for finishing up the text for the rules. The things marked off have had some substantial play testing, as we are running four streams … Continue reading “Open Table Chassis Update”

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