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A new role playing game that marries player agency, narrative and dice rolling to give fantastic adventures.

State of Play – 1.1

Considerable play testing on several parallel releases leads to the creation of version 1.1 of the core. Here is the new set of core books being released over the next few months and numbering rules. Genre extensions undergoing final play tests. Settings still in progress, how they are faring. Development is still under way for…

Magic n Zombies

Hello to all the new followers of this site and welcome. The magic play test has had a bit of a hiatus as I sort out what is “structure” vs what is “too much detail”. Play tests have gone back and forth a bit with a number of different opinions offered. I’m closing in on…

Prototype Play Test 4 – Spells of Imposition

Getting others to agree or be obedient by overcoming their will. Change of Approach for Test 4 During these play tests a general feeling has built up that the casting descriptions should not be so specific. By making them detailed it tends to make people stick to the described castings and not improvise. However its…

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