Doing the Dice Engine on Roll20

I play test the All Us Gamers system online using Roll20 and Discord.

Roll20 does not have any specific support for All Us Gamers so how do I do it in a convenient way?

That’s easy. Roll20 allows you to roll dice in the chat using this sort of notation. /r 6d20. That reads “roll six dice. The dice are 20 sided.”.

“What about the wild dice?” you ask. Simple, the first result is the wild dice.

Here is an example.

In this instance the aptitude was a negative value for a specialised task, so 5 dice at disadvantage (keep the 4 lowest numbered after rolling them) with a difficulty of 12, and the wild dice with the usual difficulty of 10.

The notation to summon this is “/r 6d20”.

Five dice plus the wild dice on the left.

So the wild dice ( a 6 ) fails. Of the five other dice I keep only the four lowest, so one of the 20 results is discarded, leaving 17, 14, 10, 20. Against a DN of 12, only the 10 becomes a fail dice.

So I have two fail dice and three success dice. I spend one of my precious focus points to re-roll the fail dice against the DN of 12.

The notation to summon this is “/r 2d20”.

Two fail dice are re-rolled.

Remember, the wild dice is gone. Once it becomes a fail dice or a success dice its just one of the gang, so to speak. So against the DN of 12 only the 16 is a success, taking the success total to 4. That is an extra success result. Huzzah!

Next, lets make handy macros

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