All Us Gamers is a role playing game built on the old school ideas of player agency and structures to allow players to take risks, that is blended with more modern narrative concepts.

The following people have helped with play testing one or more components of the All Us Gamers collection.

  • Lachlan Albert
  • AidenBeattie
  • Tiffany Beattie
  • Carl Buckeridge
  • Carl Buckeridge
  • Leonie Caljouw
  • Dr Paul Dale
  • Andras Furness
  • Tara Furness
  • Craig Hargraves
  • Joanna Hargraves
  • Amy Heath
  • Michael Jell
  • Jarrah Robinson
  • Ben Rolfe
  • Nick “The Main Man” Silva
  • Chris Smith
  • Phaedra Stevens
  • Dean Svendsen
  • Alison Maree Wright

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